Gharam Intense


Echoing the essence of the original, Gharam Intense holds onto the warmth and depth of the classic, while turning up the intensity for a bolder, richer and more captivating experience. This version reveals a powerful new depth, an intensified persona that will effortlessly make its wearers unforgettable, marking their presence in the most elegant and profound ways.

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Introducing “Gharam Intense” by Maysaa’s Secret: a bolder, richer version of the iconic Gharam. Immerse yourself in this captivating symphony of scents, as its intensified persona leaves an unforgettable mark. Let the elegant charm of Gharam Intense accompany you on your most cherished adventures.

Gharam intense

مكونات العطر : التفاح ،الاناناس ،الورود ،الازهار، البتشولي ، المسك الابيض ، الفانيلا


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