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Maysaa’s Secret creates perfume blends that invoke memories while remaining refined with modern tastes. We believe that every scent has its way of triggering nostalgia and reminding you of captivating memories and experiences not to be forgotten in a lifetime.

With our entire range available for order, Maysaa’s Secret scents are ideal for keeping for yourself or gifting to loved ones, a blend of modern and contemporary fragrances with ties to the old-school and a touch of new-age demands.

Explore the aroma of the Middle East throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe with Maysaa’s Secret’s Perfumes.

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My Gharam and Crystal Pink smell like heaven. I’ve had lots of nice compliments when wearing them both. It was lovely to meet you again in the shop at Juicy Beauty. Thanks for all your help; I will be ordering again.

Diana Baroud

Our Collection

Maysaa’s secret perfumes hail from the origins of the Middle East, with an exceptional range of exotic to organic fragrances, sustainably sourced traditional Arabic Oud, Perfume Oils, Bakhoor, and Attar Oils.

Our collection comprises oriental fragrances, including highly concentrated pure oud and amber, which are beautifully indulgent and opulent. Delicately formulated, our fragrances are composed of a vision of mystery and strength.

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